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About EB models

Norwegian Model Agency with women and men division


Fashion: Girls: Minimum 173 cm high. Ideal height is between 177 and180 cm. Size 36 in clothes. Should start at the age of 14 – 17 years. Boys: Minimum 183 cm high. Ideal height is between 185 and188 cm. Size 48 to 50 in clothes. Should start at the age of 18 – 20 years, boys can also start working as a model as late as in their mid twenties. What kind of pictures should I send? We would like to see natural pictures, no makeup and basic clothing without stripes, text and logos, preferably towards a white wall. Please submit both portrait and whole figure. Wear tight clothes so we can see clearly how your body is built. Please send the pictures in web resolution 300 kb to maximum 1 mb each and 3-5 pictures. What information should you send us? Please send a short description of yourself, where you live, what you do and your interest. How old and tall you are, and the color of your hair and eyes. Also ad your phone number in the mail so we easily can contact you. If I am already is represented by an agency? You may have a local agency, but you need to inform them that you are contacting EB models. You can’t be represented by more than one agency in Oslo.


Please fill out the form if you believe you are right for our agency. We look forward to hearing from you!